We look forward to your leadership career in Floki!

2 min readJul 10, 2021


Dear Floki Doge family:

As our users increase very fast, to promote Floki project and community more efficiently worldwide, we officially launched the global ambassador recruitment plan. With this plan and our community reward project, we could expect that more and more fans will join us and play an active role in our community. Finally, Floki’s global influence will be effectively expanded and our common vision of Floki will be archived.

At this stage, we will open 5 ambassador positions, 2 in Korea and 3 in Japan, those with outstanding ability from other countries are also welcomed to join. Being a Floki’s global ambassador, you will have chance to work with us as an early member, help build our consensus around the world. Ambassadors’s job includes operation of online communities, maintaining social media, and organizing offline events for Floki’s local operation.

You’re not alone! All your work will be well guided and receive strong support from Floki’s project team, including: marcom budget, professional support, project training sessions, etc. As a result, all your effort will be rewarded by our reward project. Excellent people will even have further opportunities to directly participate our core project.

Ambassador position requirements:
Floki community is an effective connection for project member to reach out our creative and powerful community users, which plays a most important role for Floki’s longterm vision.
As a bridge between FLoki project and users, ambassador should interact extensively with community users. You will be responsible for expanding the community, hosting and promoting online activities, encourage more user discussion and communication, providing necessary support for community users, and promoting Floki knowledge and information to other communities.

What can I get?
Participate in community core meetings; get latest Floki peripheral and salary token rewards (we hope that you will be a Floki believer, who are committed to growing with Floki and making it great);

How to engage?
Please send your resume to dogemusk@flokidoge.com. Your resume will be reviewed by the project team staff. After the review is passed, the staff will contact you;

We look forward to your interests and starting your leadership career in Floki!




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