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4 min readJul 14, 2021


Q & A about the Future of Floki Doge

Q: Why do you carry out this project?

A: We pay homage to Musk, and pay homage to this era. BTC has started the wave of decentralization. With their strong actions, the predecessors of meme including GME, DOGE and SHIB have proved the vulnerability for those who have vested interests in the face of consensus. This is a game between collective consensus and individuals, a new revolution. We have the opportunity to be self-liberated and free. Blockchain will be the most effective tool to achieve the goals.

Q: Who are we?

A: We are a community of builders and researchers who are keen to design and build the future, led by three doctors. Anyone who is interested has the right to take responsibility for his own destiny as an independent person and share value creation in a fair game environment. We are expanding.

Q: What do we stand for?

A: The world is not flat. In the past decade, we believe that the free, fair and unlimited competitive environment provided for all of participants has become an unfair, hopeless and exclusive competitive environment. People have become a systematic product or a matrix feeder, and treated unfairly. They make contributions, but they are not compensated for the value they create, so they are not real stakeholders in the manipulated economy. The “flat world” driven by social networks has been proved to be a trap, where they are oppressive rather than free, which is not one propagated. People all over the world are aware of the sobering fact that people having cards face an unfair game.

The new viewpoint is that we do not need any Davos style charity, instead, we need a new fair competition environment. Meme coin inspires us, Musk inspires us. We believe that the open, decentralized and completely community-based cryptocurrency technology is the key to the future we are seeking. It provides a remedy for capitalism 1.0 (which is the culprit of the 2008 crisis) and the continuous failure of the current social network 2.0.

We believe that the completely re-conceived Web 3.0, which is driven by blockchain infrastructure, will transform users into mature, independent, and value creating network participants — for the purpose of Emanuel Kant’s Enlightenment consciousness — who are both voluntary actors and stakeholders in the value-based new network.

We believe that cryptocurrency and Web 3.0 in people’s hands — in order to better meet the needs and eliminate the pain of the information age — will become a better, fairer, freer, more people-oriented and more open economy and society.

We invite you to register and become part of the campaign.

Q: Our philosophy

A: As a community, we have our values and beliefs and have an honest, open and enthusiastic discussion of the epoch-making opportunities that lie ahead of us. We must not overestimate the goals we can achieve in the short term and underestimate the setbacks and failures in achieving our long-term goals. It’s also important that we make public our mistakes, and what we still don’t know, what we need to help. This degree of vulnerability and humility will enable us to interact more deeply with the community thinkers, innovators and thought leaders under the chain, rather than letting them all stop the space so far in the Carnival with so many “meme coin”.

Q: Development planning

A: On the basis of decentralization, we should provide value services. We have carried out the development of defi mining, and will gradually improve the whole Floki Ecology: NFT trading, chain-crossing, lottery, decentralized option trading, more efficient V3 swap, etc.

Q: Development progress

A: At present, we have tested the staking, and we believe that the audit will be completed in the near future and the release stage will come. We are investing a lot of resources to deal with some technical problems, and we have convincing solutions to technical challenges.

Q: How to achieve the goals?

A: To solve the problems openly and honestly. Binance is our example: to solve the problems openly, and to strengthen the credibility through the continuous repurchase and destruction of tokens, which is also an important reason for the rapid rise of Binance. We do not deny that the token will be repurchased and destroyed in the future. We believe that this day is not far away.

Q: When it comes to token, what do you think of it now?

A: We come from the community. We invite more people to be part of the community. The short-term problems do not reflect the real market value. We have no financial advice, but we think that it is far below our goal. Value discovery needs diamond-like eyes. We believe in the community. Let’s start creating value for ourselves.




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